.hello, and welcome to this anxiety-free trial of gary ducket.

we would like you to try this free program to see if your brain is willing to have a life absolutely free of pickle anxiety.
gary ducket is a safe and proven method designed to free you from the mental shackles of everyday snacks. when you are suffering from a lack of true snacks, your brain and stomach are most likely in a state of quiet suffering and indifference. this is not your fault. it is nothing you have done wrong. it is nothing to be ashamed of.

it can be fixed very quickly
very safely
and every easily.
gary ducket is very safe, very simple, and will release you from the prisons of pickle anxiety.

accept our offer of help.

you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

before proceeding further, we request that you please click the play button below for a mood-altering aural soundscape.

it is now time to do the following as you get comfortable in your place of rest; the hope being that your brain, mind and heart will be properly cleared in such a way as to ready your true self for the anxiety-free pickle journey that lies ahead:

1) dim the lights (if applicable)
2) light some incense, or a candle
3) breathe deeply and earnestly through your nose six times. repeat if necessary.

we want you to know you have options regarding your pickle management.
there are safe, effective ways to treat pickle anxiety.
imagine a life free of pickle-induced anxiety.

you may be wondering what to do next?

all you need is to find a safe, quiet place to read the following information.
close your eyes. breathe through your nose 6 times. open your eyes.

you may not fully understand what is being read. but this is not important.
your brain will understand and respond.

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Gary Ducket is a life path. A way of doing things. Gary Ducket is a pickle company.
GARY DUCKET wants to give life.
GARY DUCKET wants to make people happy.
GARY DUCKET wants to show the world pickles.